The Delta de l’Ebre

We are in love with the Delta de l’Ebre and would like to share our passion for the land with you. On this website we offer information and ideas about how to discover and enjoy one of the most beautiful and unique landscapes in all of Catalonia.

Jordi Gil Ferre

In order to get you acquainted with the Delta, we present la Barraca Vilbor, a little, traditional home constructed with natural materials from the surrounding environment. Made of mud, straw, and beach grass, houses like these have been erected for centuries by country-dwelling people and have been employed especially by livestock farmers. Due to a resurging interest in this ancestral lifestyle, the Barracas have been fully adapted to the climate and topography of the Delta, allowing us to comfortably enjoy everything the region has to offer.

Vacances al Delta


Surrounded by rice fields, in the heart of the Delta de l’Ebre is where we find the cozy Barraca Vilbor, a traditional dwelling made of mud and beach grass. Here, you will undoubtedly find that the force of nature is present all around you. Very close to the sea and river, the Delta’s drastically changing landscape becomes the perfect place to spend a few unforgettable days.

Barraca Vilbor was built in 1999 by the master artisan David Monllaó, an architect specializing in this resurging style of construction in the Delta de l’Ebre. Although David employed all of the traditional building materials, he also incorporated the modern commodities necessary for converting these dwellings into warm, comfortable, and charming places.

The house

La Barraca Vilbor contains three rooms (one with a double bed, a second with a twin bed, and a third with a single bed). Although it is designed with five people in mind, six can fit with no problem. It has a bathroom with a shower, a washing machine, and a fully equipped kitchen. Towels and blankets are provided as well.

Inside of la Barraca you will find diverse information about routes and excursions the region has to offer. The house is surrounded by a big garden, full of autochthonous trees and plants, interspersed with charming little nooks and crannies. There you will also find a furnished pergola, an Arabic oven for roasting meat, and a basketball court.


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Optional breakfast and catering services are available as well as airport pick-ups and drop-offs (consult prices).


Jordi Gil Ferre

The surroundings

La Barraca Vilbor is located in the middle of the Delta de l’Ebre, the main humid zone of Catalonia, which has a surface area of 320 km2. The landscape has a personality of its own: flat lands covered in fruit bearing trees and giant rice fields. The region home to one of the most beautiful littoral zones that the Mediterranean has to offer, including beautiful lagoons hedged in by great water dock and reed beds. And then…there are the beaches! Characterized by enormous, almost completely secluded stretches of sand, these spots are perfect for an intimate, relaxing day at the shore. The Delta de l’Ebre’s Natural Park Office, located in the municipality of Deltebre, organizes bike excursions through the major protected zones.


In addition, there are plenty of companies that organize sport related activities in the Delta. For further information, check out the links on enjoyingdelta.com

Inside of the Barraca you will find all the information you need in order to discover and get to know the area and its closest mountains. We also offer the possibility of booking excursions along the protected massif, adventure outings, boat rides…Don´t miss out on these great opportunities!


Week end (from friday to sunday):

4 people     160 euros

5 people      200 euros

6 people     240 euros

Full week (from monday to sunday):

4 / 6 people   600 euros


From thursday to monday

4 people     400 euros

5 people     500 euros

6 people     600 euros


If you are interested in getting to know the Delta and la Barraca Vilbor, or if you have any questions, you can contact us through the email address provided below:


Phone number +34 657800085

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